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I'm Jacket. This is my art blog. I'm mostly into Asian pop idol groups. My favorites are f(x) and AKB48 so expect a majority of my fanart related to them! I may post other non-related art things here from time to time too~

Interested in commissioning me? Commission info here!

You may repost/use my artwork without permission but please credit!

For older artwork (5 months and older), please check my archive!

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This Tumblr’s mainly used as an art blog but I post some other random stuff occasionally. I have another Tumblr, ultrajacket, where I spam a lot more random stuff more often than I do here so feel free to follow that one too.

Hi, I’m Jacket. I’m 22 years old. I love f(x) and drawing.

Here, have my other sites:

DeviantART: My animu artbarfs are all up in this beezy. I rarely post anything on it nowadays though.
HappyDrive: Old art blog. Haven’t updated this fucker in months but all my old SNSD stuff is there.
Twitter: Me freaking out in real time over stuff.
Youtube: idek what to do with this.
formspring: Ask me stuff as if you care what’s going on.


pixiv: Mostly just art reposts from here or dA.

The end.

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