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I'm Jacket. This is my art blog. I'm mostly into Asian pop idol groups. My favorites are f(x) and AKB48 so expect a majority of my fanart related to them! I may post other non-related art things here from time to time too~

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The 27th is drawing to a close and so is my birthday. I’m no longer a cute little teenager anymore, guys! It kinda depresses me OTL But thank you for all the birthday messages and gift art! I really appreciate it 8D I spent my weekend with friends so I’m pretty tired but I’ll try and reply to a few messages soon :3

It’s a bit over due, but I’d also like to use this post to say thank you all for 5000 followers too! You all are so cool ;O;

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    I took a better pic with my mom’s laptop cos I don’t really like how my webcam looks orz
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