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I'm Jacket. This is my art blog. I'm mostly into Asian pop idol groups. My favorites are f(x) and AKB48 so expect a majority of my fanart related to them! I may post other non-related art things here from time to time too~

Interested in commissioning me? Commission info here!

You may repost/use my artwork without permission but please credit!

For older artwork (5 months and older), please check my archive!

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Insert There She Goes by Sixpence None The Richer in the background.

Sketch commissions

Hey guys, regular commissions are still closed since I don’t have too much time on my hands to draw anything fancy nowadays. But I’ve finally decided to open up some meager little sketch commissions c:

Commission Status

Payment Method
Paypal (USD)


Waist-up - $2

examples: 1/2/3/4

Full body - $5 

examples: 1/2/3/4

Additional characters are plus the same amount so if you want a waist-up couple, it’ll be $4. Max amount of characters in one picture is 2, sorry.

Other Information

  • I accept commissions for OCs, some furry characters, and fanart. Het, BL, GL are all okay.
  • I will not draw porn, guro.
  • I have the right to refuse your commission if I think I’m unable to successfully draw it.
  • After you have fully paid, I will start drawing your commission.
  • Please be patient with me. Life/work may interfere with my ability to finish your commission quickly. Especially if I have a long commission worklist. If I take too long and you grow impatient, you may ask for your money back.

How to Commission
Please fill out this form and email me at jickitto[at]gmail.com with the subject titled “Sketch Commission.”

Number of characters:
References/description: (Please be detailed with outfits, poses, and expressions. Especially poses otherwise I may up drawing something uninteresting to you. Character photo references are appreciated.)
Additional notes: (if any)

You can also note me the same information above through deviantART. My username there is jackettt.

Thank you for your time u vu/

I just think these two are adorable okay


Wow I just woke up to people tweeting me to check Amber’s twitter profile and O M G SCREAMS AND FEELS ACCOMPLISHED

But at the same time feels kinda self-conscious gfdhfds


  • Commission Info! 

‘Painted’ pieces: 
35 dollars + 5 per character. 
With background: + 30-60 dollars

Cell shading:
20 dollars + 5 per character. 
With background: + 20-40 dollars 

15 dollars + 5 per character
With background: + 15 dollars - 30 dollars 

8 dollars + 4 per character 

The payment will be through my paypal Thedustyleaves@gmail.com
Note me when you want to commission me, then I’ll make a sketch and you may correct it until you’re satisfied.
Then you send the money and I will begin to finish the drawing  

If you have any questions at all, please do go ahead and ask!

Yo, guys! Normally I don’t reblog these sort of things onto this blog but a good friend of mine’s in a pretty tight spot right now. She’s lowered her prices considerably just to scrape around for some help so would greatly appreciate it if any of you could take the time and possibly commission her u vu Her deviantART gallery is DustyLeaves if any of you are interested to see any more of her stuff. Thank you for your time, guys c:

Lad of Many Faces. He’s a shapeshifter so tried doing some sort of foresty look.

Electric, electric
Electric shock

Man it feels good to draw something f(x) again.

Gotta give a shoutout to Republic City’s illest announcer dude with his pro mic bending skills.

Bolin was the best part of this episode okay


Hi guys I like Bolin’s nose.